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H2Only Battery

6, Avlonitou & 1, Vasileiadou Str.
Ano Liosia, 13341 Greece

Contact: Chris Papadakis
Email: info@h2onlybattery.com

H2Only Battery
About This Company
Industry: Consumer Goods, Technology, Energy
- Have you ever been without power during severe weather or an emergency?
- Have you ever absolutely needed power from your batteries and they did not work?
- Has your vehicle ever left you stranded at night with no light to help you repair it?
- Did your cell phone ever run out of power when you needed it most?
- Do you need an adjustable battery to adapt to your power requirements?
- Do you have a house without electricity or want to help people in developing countries?
- Have you ever been out running, biking, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, etc., only to realize that your nightlight ran out of batteries?

Your answer to all these situations is the H2Only Battery*. The only rechargeable battery in the world that is activated with water; or any liquid.
* Patent No. WIPO WO 2013072708 A1 and 'Patent Pending' in the USA

With the H2Only Battery, you can Produce Electricity Anywhere, Anytime. Over and over and over again!

On a daily usage basis, it lasts 60 times longer than 2 AA or 2 AAA batteries! On occasional use, it lasts forever! We mean it!

What is the 'H2Only Battery'?
It is a new technological breakthrough based on a patented alloy of metals that utilizes what we call 'Controlled Oxidation', and produces electricity per specific power needs.

What other cool devices will be coming?
We already have prototypes for the Emergency Flashing TRIANGLE for Vehicles, the Sports LIGHT, the mobile-phone CHARGER, the H2Only Battery for RADIO, and the H2Only Battery for ROAD CONSTRUCTION. We are designing the H2Only Battery which will be applicable to all low-voltage devices and the CLIP-ON/CLIP-OFF H2Only Battery (it will be the only adjustable battery in the world).

What's great and unique about the 'H2Only Battery'?
It can keep going for 8+ hours every day, has no expiration date does not leak and does not disintegrate, is CE Certified for safety, has no toxics or chemicals, and is renewable, recyclable and sustainable.

- We left the best for last:
Want more energy? Just clip-on another battery!
Want less energy? Just unclip the batteries you don't need!
We are designing the H2Only Battery to be Fully customizable!

The H2Only Battery will always be there for you!