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UPEACE Centre for Executive Education

San Jose, Costa Rica
(506) 2205-39015

Contact: Hannah Benson

UPEACE Centre for Executive Education
About This Company
Industry: Education, E-Learning, Professional Training and Coaching
The UPEACE Centre for Executive Education is located within the United Nations mandated
University for Peace. With headquarters in Costa Rica, UPEACE was established in December,
1980 as a Treaty Organization by the UN General Assembly.

The UPEACE Centre for Executive Education offers a platform for students to engage with the University for Peace without doing a 1-year, onsite master's program. The Centre works with leaders from around the globe to offer transformational educational experiences that are dynamic and engaging, while inspiring our participants to have a positive impact in our increasingly interconnected world.

An integral part of our mission as a social enterprise is to spread the geographical reach of our programs and the resulting empowerment and learning as far as possible. With technology making it ever easier to both physically and electronically reach all corners of the globe, we at the Centre feel that it would be both irresponsible and misaligned with UPEACE's UN mandate to neglect an explicit focus on the recruitment of participants from different countries. In fact, our online program was specifically conceptualized to open up the course materials to a wide-ranging audience, allowing participation from people that are unable to be physically present at the UPEACE campus in Costa Rica. We currently represent over 47 nationalities worldwide which provides our students with a unique opportunity to create global connections with like-minded individuals.

The Centre offers three main types of programming:

1. Online courses with a capstone Diploma in Social Innovation
2. Onsite professional development workshops at UPEACE.
3. Customized university group programs in Costa Rica

Social entrepreneurship is one of the principal subject areas of the Centre's courses. With the aim to widely increase the scope and breadth of learning in the area of social innovation, we envision a world in which everyone is empowered to use their passions and strengths to act as global change agents.