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Export Intelligence Agency LLC

405 RXR Plaza | Suite 405
Uniondale, NY 11556 United States

Contact: Richard Yanni

Export Intelligence Agency LLC
About This Company
Industry: Consulting, International Trade and Development, Agriculture
Export Consulting: Filling the Tremendous National Need
Across the USA, there are 5.7 million small-to-medium sized businesses [SMB].

Of these, only 30% are exporting-most to just one country.

Business Owners state, "We wish there was someone who would come in as a consultant on a regular basis to help us begin and grow an exporting program." After all, exporting adds 20% to 40% to the bottom line within a few years of startup.

This presents a great opportunity for entrepreneurial individuals to meet a significant need.

Monthly retainers range from $3K-to-$5K per month-per client company. Realistically in your first year you can handle a handful of clients per month and do a professional job for them. There are state and federal agencies whose job it is to assist you with your clients.

The reason why a company will contract with you as an export consultant is because for most SMB business owners, spending hours of time trolling through multiple, information-packed web sites is simply not an option. And, there are many agencies each with their own particular solution-set making it a confusing effort.

That's where you come into the picture as an Export Consultant-to make the way clear for these business owners, take the vast amounts of export information and specialized vocabulary and translate it into meaningful, cost efficient and profitable export programs.

Start today with our introductory course-it's over four hours of enriched consulting time for only $35. Using the link below, you can have the course for $20...but quantities are limited, so be sure to begin your independent, profitable Export Consulting business today.