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JDP Search Group

9040 Lydia Circle
North Ridgeville, OH 44039 United States

Contact: John Palcisko

JDP Search Group
About This Company
Industry: Staffing and Recruiting, Human Resources, Consulting
In the end it's not strategies that will determine your company's success, it's the people you hire to implement them that really matters. As a candidate if your passions don't intersect with the employer's' vision, end the discussion.

Great hiring is a collaborative effort that needs to somehow combine the uniqueness of the employer's needs with the uniqueness of the candidate's qualifications.

For 17 years I have been developing the skills necessary to provide exceptional service to both employers looking for outstanding candidates and outstanding candidates looking for employers who need their capabilities.

There are many attributes that employers consider in deciding on a candidate but the really smart executives will put a greater weight on character attributes than on specific educational background, practical skills, specialized knowledge, or work experience. My advice is always, hire character, train skills.

You can never be certain that previous successes will transfer to a new challenge but character always converts.

As a West Point graduate and 10 years military experience, I learned early on the value of utilizing Talent (finding the very best people), Tenaciousness (staying with the task until it is completed satisfactorily) and Trust ( building lasting relationships) to accomplish the seemingly impossible.

One of the great sayings whose source is anonymous but whose message is so on is
"If you think that hiring a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur"

If you're facing difficulty finding the right individual for a key position or if you're an individual who thinks he has something significant to offer, I'd welcome an opportunity to discuss your thoughts and ideas.