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P.O. Box 45
Eastaboga, AL 36260 United States

Contact: Larry Story

About This Company
Industry: Other, Financial Services, Computer Software
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There are 7 plans available. You complete the plan after you have earned back 200% of your deposit. You can upgrade to the next upper plan at any time and just purchase the difference. These plans are 100% Sustainable.

This is a fully automated system. Your earnings are automatically send to your bitcoin account.

It is recommended to start in Spartacus 2 or above.

Spartacus 1
Cost: 0.05 BTC
There are no daily earnings in this plan
5% Binary Commissions

Spartacus 2
Cost: 0.10 BTC
2.2% Daily Earnings
6% Binary Commissions

Spartacus 3
Cost: 0.30 BTC
2.2% Daily Earnings
7% Binary Commissions

Spartacus 4
Cost: 0.50 BTC
2.2% Daily Earnings
9% Binary Commissions

Spartacus 5
Cost: 1 BTC
2.2% Daily Earnings
11% Binary Commissions

Spartacus 6
Cost: 2 BTC
2.2% Daily Earnings
13% Binary Commissions

Spartacus 7
Cost: 4 BTC
2.2% Daily Earnings
15% Binary Commissions