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William Bill Belle

IL 60655 United States

Contact: tiffany denmark

William Bill Belle
About This Company
Industry: Health, Wellness and Fitness, Events Services, Military
Today, Bill speaks to people from all walks of life that have survived a tragedy - veterans, victims of violent crime, and other brave souls on their road to recovery. They all feel a great sense of hope as Bill relates his own story and journey.

Bill's unique perspective comes from great tragedy, and from that dark moment, a renewal of hope and love.

In 2006, after a 30-day leave, Bill was returning to his base in Wisconsin with his wife when they were involved in a traffic accident. The tragic incident took her life and put Bill in a coma for six months.

After awakening from a coma, Bill's memory was hazy. For many in his position, this might have been the end of their story...but Bill has made Inspiring life changing accomplishments