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Wig Display Systems, LLC

12600 Rockside Road #164
Garfield Heights, OH 44125 United States

Contact: Tanesha Daniels
Email: tanesha@wigchateau.com

Wig Display Systems, LLC
About This Company
Industry: Design, Manufacturing

Wig Chateau is a premium brand of wig storage products that consolidates, maintains, and organizes wigs for easy use and selection. Wig Chateau allows an assortment of wigs to be exquisitely displayed, groomed, and stored within a compact space which provides proper wig ventilation and convenience which saves time!

Your wigs will be able to retain their natural shapes and styles while giving you an idea of the many types of wigs and hairpieces you own and what color, length or look you want to capture that day. Wig Chateau can be configured with 3 tiers available for 4, 8 or 12 wigs. The 4 Wig Chateau is upgradable to 8 or 12 by purchasing additional tiers sold separately. So your Wig Chateau can grow with you.

Wig Chateau comes with complimentary black velvet wig heads, Gold Wig T-Pins to secure wigs and hairpieces onto the head when styling, as well as, a Crown Caddy to support your Gold Wig T- Pins, brushes, sprays and combs. Its sturdy design allows for vigorous grooming of your wig units. Other uses for Wig Chateau includes storage for your hair pieces, hair buns, hair extensions, clip in's, Scrunchies, bangs, hair accessories, top pieces/wiglets, wig cap liners, hats, sunglasses, headbands, headphones, scarfs, and necklaces. The Wig Chateau is ideal for home use, supports a variety of wig hair lengths, optimizes space and accents any home decor!

Company Mission

Our mission is to provide an elegant, multifunctional storage system designed to support the lifestyle of wig wearers. The company will provide both standard and customized wig storage systems for personal and commercial usage while creating optimal spacing, and efficiency of wig use and handling. We will remain heavily connected with the community to elicit feedback and ensure that we are meeting the various potential designs that are out there.

Company Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize the ways in which wigs are stored and displayed for the purposes of organization, consolidation and aesthetic enhancement by delivering quality customer service, integrity, innovation, and unparalleled designs.