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Real Roadside Assistance

George Street
North Strathfield, 2137 Australia
1300 782 954

Contact: Sam

Real Roadside Assistance
About This Company
Industry: Automotive
Real Roadside Assistance provides quality and fast roadside assistance around Australia 24/7.

Our network of 7000 highly trained experts have been providing roadside assistance for over 20 years.

In their previous life they weren't bankers, sales people or office jockeys.

In fact majority are mechanics, truck drivers and tow truck drivers.

We're real people who get it and best of all we've kept it local.

You won't find our call center overseas, it's in Newcastle, Australia and we're available 24/7.

We're priced at
$69 Per Year No Joining Fee for Classic Service
$139 per year No Joining Fee for Premium Service.

Not a Real Roadside Member?
Not a worry! There are various ways you can become a Member and enjoy the peace of mind afforded by Real Roadside. Take a look at the tailored Membership packages listed here, and apply online or call 1300 85 1243 and speak to one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives.

Check Out Our Highly Competitive Pricing
There is almost a monopoly in the roadside assistance market and it's never good for the consumer. Monopolies allow the business to set the price and that is exactly what we are seeing today.

Our pricing is competitive because we've got lower fixed costs, we don't ladden our packages with non essentials, free movie tickets and woolworths vouchers.

And more importantly we've listened to what you really want in a roadside assistance offering and we've delivered everything you need and nothing you don't. People over profit. Check our competitive pricing here.

Australia Wide Coverage
We've got over 7000 coverage points through out Australia, covering city and country areas. We are currently not able to cover Tasmania.