u-Lace no-tie sneaker laces

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Rochester, NY 14605 United States

Contact: timothy talley
Email: tim@u-lace.com

u-Lace no-tie sneaker laces
About This Company
Industry: Consumer Goods, Apparel and Fashion, Sporting Goods
U-Lace, LLC, DBA U-Lace No-Tie Laces is a Manufacturer and Distributor of Modular No-Tie Laces that transform lace-up sneakers into easy-on/easy-off slip-ons.

U-Lace was founded by multi-patent holder Tim Talley - who is also the inventor of the high-tech hats worn on-field by all the players in Major League Baseball.

U-Lace innovated the modular no-tie lace category in 2009, and is distributed in over 60 countries across the globe through a network of global distributors.

U-Lace is a problem-solving product. Imagine a world without untied laces or without having to every having to tie laces. Well, that world is here today and made possible with U-Lace.

Imagine getting through airport security quickly and easily even if you have to take your sneakers off and put them back on.

Imagine getting your kiddos (we have a line just for kids too) out of the door and on the bus with absolutely no shoe-lace hassle. That dream is a reality with U-Lace.

U-Lace is also a fashion product. Imagine lacing as many colors into your sneakers as you have sets of eyelets. Imagine quickly, easily and affordably lacing your school or favorite teams colors or any of U-Lace's 58 fashion colors into your sneakers and transforming them into sneakers the represent you and your sense of style.

U-Lace offers well over 87 Billion possible color and pattern combinations.

U-Lace is a Shark Tank company and successfully gained investment from multi-billionaire Mark Cuban.

94% of U-Lace customers say that they would buy U-Lace again and most do.

U-Lace: Lace once & never tie again!