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Status: calander of beautiful woman above 40 proceeds go to domestic violence


This project is here to help this wonderful lady that lost here daughter and grand baby due to domestic violence! She quit her job she started with a shoestring budget. She wrote a book of the horrific events that took place with her pregnant daughter that some slime ball controlling asshole that thought she was his property! it is a very good book you should look into it ,really quite a story and all proceeds went into the angels house! She is an inspiration !We need all the money we can get so we have all out our talents to work the goal is to i hope to that you are not stuck in a relationship like that verbally or physical a person can only take so much!!! and you are not alone !!!! We are working to get safe houses here a place that you have a room and you can bring you kids and your pets we want you comfortable and the woman in charge of this association is giving her all she is amazing and as much as i can help i will!! I was in an abusive relationship and i had NO WHERE to go and my cat is like my baby i would sleep n a ditch before I got rid of him and that's a problem everywhere!!!These women have no where to go!!! I left and came back a few times however if i would have stayed i would have been the next dateline story myself! She is giving all of herself to this to HELP these women and babies and animals!So this is this project.this is 1 of the projects of mine i plan on doing as much as I can for her,and have already got buyers lined up and meet and greets!!!!So In short we are ready to go and make this happen!!!!!

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I am a self taught marketer with I am sure a lot to learn but not goal is to not crack the code #1 I think that is impossible and #2 I love to learn this sh**. It makes you feel alive and there is No feeling in the world when you produce you 1st sale and you did it pretty much by yourself, Point being there are so many different ways to market you have to find out what is right for you,and let me tell you I haven't found one solid way yet! But that's the exciting part and if I can help just one person make there 1st sale then I have set out what I really wanted to do in the 1st place,stick with me you got a long way baby! Don't worry so do I but remember I love it and I will not quit till I have the goose with golden egg!

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