Yogi Tripathi

Entrepreneur & Investor at SOLAR STORE, Lucknow, India 
Lucknow Area, India
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About Yogi

I manage a unit by the name of SOLAR STORE from Lucknow, India which is trading, manufacturing and consultancy activities offering renewable energy solutions since 2008. We started as traders of gadgets like solar torch / radio's / mobile chargers. Then started manufacturing gadgets like 12V battery testers, auto cut battery chargers, DC voltage regulator circuits, battery powered air coolers and solar street lamps. The street lamps we developed come with motion sensors and glow on a bright mode when people are around else go to a standby low power mode. We also offer consultancy services for people who wish to power their homes / offices with clean solar energy. Can also convert IC engine cars into battery powered electric cars...

Work Experience


Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.), Mechanical Engineering

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Interests: Solar Photovoltaics, Electric cars
Honors / Awards: HK Firodia national level paper writing competition for a paper on solar powered electric vehicles in 2001. Qualified the Graduate Aptitude Test Examination 2003 which is prerequisite to post graduate studies in India.
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