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Status: Timber flooring and affordable housing


Have been in business most of my life , started different types of businesses in different sectors , from scratch through to profitability , and then sell off to gain upfront Am competent in the manufacturing sector in soft drink bottling and canning , as well as ceramic tile adhesives . In the retail sector , I established a chain of 6 food shops over a period o 6 years , and sold off. In the services sector , I established a roof tile distribution and installation company for twelve years and sold it, am currently in the importation and distribution of hardwood flooring from Germany for the past 14 years. I intend to sell this soon.

Resumé / Bio

I schooled in Cape Town up to high school, then moved to the UK where i studied at an English public school for 6 years, then I studied advanced business studies at the College of Commerce in the Midlands for 5 years.In South Africa , I completed a three year Marketing Management course at University of Cape Town , as well as numerous diploma course in general management , accounting , import and export etc.

Work Experience


Sebright School
H.S.D.P.A, Business management


Interests: Entrepreneurship, new product developement and launches, government shortcomings in service delivery, politics.

Fishing , movies , tv , rugby , boxing, shooting , guns and knives, outdoor activity.
Honors / Awards: Duke of Edinborough Awards in the bronze and silver levels.
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