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Founder MLP at IM-SI.ORG 
Alpine Texas Area, TX, United States  |  Computer and Network Security
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About W.Bill.S.
Status: F.O.O.L - Founder Owner Operator Leader


WWalkerWW.Associates.IM-SI ORG .NET .COM .US Executive, Search, Contract Fee Based Consulting Executive Management Training Support Services. Internet Technology Research Development.

Resumé / Bio

Founder Owner Operator Leader, 1980 - present
IM-SI.ORG InterFaceMulti-SerVicesInterNational.Org DPMC - Contract Data Processing Management Consultant Executive Search Outsourcing Recruiting. Critical Path Management Logistical Vision of Production Delivery Sales

Work Experience


Dallas County Community College
, Computer Science

Computer Systems Engineering Sciences., Virtual Operating Sys.Machine DataBase Emulation


Interests: Individual Entrepreneur Intuitive Toubleshooter Executive Search Recruting Consulting Systems Engineering since 1969-Graduae of U.S.M.C; University of Science, Music & Culture Computer Sciences and Systems Engineering Standard Operations and Proceedure Expert if you operation is like a Goldfish Bowl and things aren't going well; the best view is from the outside realize that solutions to production problems or communication do not ask who is at fault BUT why then change the S.O.P. for the better until better is best. wild.bill.walker.ww@gmail.com and my garage site email. http://www.interfacemulti-servicesinternational.com ... punt ..:p)
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