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Software Engineer by profession, have near to 2 years experience in Software engineering before planning to venture out. An untimely accident resulted in loss of my last job and made me bed ridden. This is the time I decided to follow my passion and developed and launched gamealoon. Gamealoon is the outcome of my passion for computer science and video gaming

Resumé / Bio

Partho Ghosh

Flat No. - 1302, Paramount Symphony, Orchid Tower, Crossings Republik, NH - 24,
Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh - 201001, India
Mob: +91 7838733756, Email:,, GIT Handle:

To utilize all my learning and knowledge gained professionally, academically and via self-learning to facilitate my professional growth and contributing effectively towards achieving my organizational goals.

My primary principal in life is to remain open to learning new things because I believe, knowledge is the one single golden key that has the power to unlock most of the challenges in our daily lives.

Software skills

Programming Languages

Core Java, Python, Groovy programming language , HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery , SQL


Mongodb 2.4.1 (self-learned), Mysql 5.X, Sqlite3

Technologies/Framework 0.37, Play 2.2.1(self-learned), Android 2.3.X, Grails 2.1, (GIT , CVS, SVN - version controlling), Joomla

Packages / Tools

MS Office 2003/2010, Open Office 3.1, Eclipse IDE for Java Developers 3.5, Code Blocks 10.05, Notepad++, Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition, IntellijIDEA 10, Spring STS

Operating Systems
Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8, Ubuntu 10.04/12.10

Work Experience (in reverse chronological order)

Founded which is a platform that enables users to voice their opinion for their favorite video games and in return they earn XP which help them level up and earn rank in Gamealoon Network. Also Gamealoon features a Twitter like social network where users follow other users/games to receive their feeds in their activity stream. Started working on it from 1st May, 2013 after I had to quit my previous job because of meeting an unfortunate knee accident and undergoing a surgery which left me immobilized for quite some time. Video gaming and computer science is a passion and being frequent follower of video gaming entertainment and media websites (such as and, I came up with the idea of Gamealoon. Problem with the above systems was that those websites are totally critic driven and centralized system where users hardly get any opportunity to voice their opinions(although they provide options as User reviews and forums but then again users take a back-seat). So drawing some inspiration from, twitter, facebook and the above mentioned problem area, I came up with Technically speaking, Gamealoon is broken into two sub-applications which talk to each other in RESTful way. The backend REST API service is written in Java (Play Framework 2.2.1) and MongoDB acts as the main application database. This service exposes JSON which is consumed by front end browser app which has been written in Python ( UI has been implemented in HTML5, CSS3 and jquery. So, in short the whole app can be termed as MCCV - Model-Controller (Java) and Controller-view (Python). The purpose for this design is that in future for other platform apps (i.e, mobile, consoles, etc.) only the front end needs to be created. The media uploading system has been implemented with the help of Amazon S3 (S3 is used as the media storage for Gamealoon). A custom weighted average based Ranking algorithm has been written for calculation of Game's final score which takes in consideration many things like Post quality, user's importance, etc. To check out the system, please visit I use GIT for version controlling. This application is hosted on a virtual linux box which runs CentOS. The Java app is running on Play's default web-server application whereas the Python based browser app is served by lightpd.

Duration: 1st May, 2013 - 25th Jan, 2014

Worked as Associate Software Engineer in FirstRain India pvt. ltd. I was part of content engineering team of the company. It is mostly an R&D division. Goal of this division is to come up with systems that help us analyze and make some sense out of data. Was building a system that will help in detecting anomalies in information generated by the product (i.e., FirstRain itself) and help in achieving the desired quality from content perspective. The technology that I was working with was groovy programming language and Grails framework. Along with it I have single handedly developed an internal product, customer implementation system, which is two-pronged in nature. First, it acts an interface to the company's customer support group who use it to feed and store some relevant data, which is then extracted and fed to Salesforce CRM in JSON form via a service API. Secondly, this system helps in generating a centralized repository/DB with which various departments can interact, again via same API. I used grails framework to develop this.

Duration: 24th August, 2012 - 30th April, 2013

Worked as Jr. Game Programmer in Gameloft India pvt. ltd. My role was to port games built for one device to another device. Worked on some major 2D franchises of Gameloft and devices from manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Huawei. Worked with in-house tools developed by Gameloft in addition to Android and J2ME to accomplish above-mentioned tasks.

Duration: June 13th , 2011- December 2nd, 2011

Worked as Software Development Trainee in Intelligrape Softwares pvt. ltd. on online agreement management system for a European client. Core technology used was Grails web framework. Completed and helped in delivering of the first phase of the project.

Duration: Jan 10th , 2011- June 9th , 2011

Project Experience (in reverse chronological order)

May 2013- Jan 2014

A platform where gamers from all around the world can come and write short and crisp reviews for their favorite games, share news from other web sources, share youtube videos and generally blog about video games. In return, users are awarded with Experience Points (XP) which help them level up and earn Rank in Gamealoon Network. Also, this system features a Twitter-esque social network in which user can follow other users/games and their feeds show up in user's activity stream.

Architecture wise, this system is broken into sub-systems as backend service server- written in Java (Play Framework 2.2.1) and Mongo Db acting as the App database) which behaves like a JSON exposing API which is consumed by the Front-end server which has been written in Python( For UI, HTML5, CSS3 and Jquery is used.

For more information, check out

Content Assessment Framework

On Going

This is a major internal system that has been built to assess the data which is provided via company's main product, FirstRain. It detects anomalies and reports them. Future goal of the project is that it "fixes" the anomalies by itself, which is done manually now. The main product has many components via which data is exposed such as mail, portal, mobile apps, feeds and embedded components. This system currently works for the mail component, which is the most important component. I rewrote the architecture of the existing system in grails as well as implemented criticality calculation algorithm which was developed by our team to rate anomalies. Main challenge with this system is that it process huge amount of data in one day.

Customer implementation system (internal product for FirstRain)

Jan 1st ,2013 - Feb 1st, 2013

The goal of the system is to provide the company's internal customer support group team an interface via which they can feed and store information related to various clients/accounts. Before the implementation of this system, they used to store everything in Excel and used to do it manually. What this system does that it provides a form based interface to CSG team via which they fill in the data which is then stored in a Mysql DB. Then, a service API exposes the data via various API calls which are used by Salesforce CRM. This API is generic in nature as it returns a JSON. Note, this is not a REST API as this doesn't comply with the HTP REST specification and does not return appropriate response success and failure code.

Android application using Google Location services, Google map api and Sqlite3's FTS technology

May 29th, 2012 - Jul 11th, 2012

The goal is to detect nearby locations based on user's current location. User can mark location as favorite, contact the place by calling up the place. User can add, edit and delete place. The system generates list of places sorted by distance nearby to user. Distance is calculated in runtime. Planning to integrate Foursquare social network service into in upcoming updates.

Audio transcription system

February 1st, 2012- February 15th, 2012

Built an audio transcription system in which we can input WAV audio file and the system will output text using speech recognition. Used Java and Sphinx 4 NLP library to build it.

Block breaker game

May 4th, 2011- May 8th, 2011

Made a block breaker game using Java's Swing API. Player controls a platform with arrow keys to balance a ball and direct it towards breaking a wall of bricks.

Online agreement management system

Jan 10th, 2011 - June 9th, 2011

Goal of the system is to automation of agreement management system. Users use this system to create and share agreements with each other. Then, once the agreement is shared, users can choose to sign and go ahead with the agreement or they can choose to decline. Developed mailing system,

REST API and MVC for one aspect of system.

Project Proposal Web Portal

August 1st , 2010 - November 30th ,2010

Worked on development of web portal using Joomla 1.5.18(CMS) on windows 7 platform that automates project proposal reviewing and submission under TDC guidelines.

College Linux Club and portal

June 1st , 2010 - July 20th , 2010

Developed website and worked on web portal development using Joomla 1.5.18 (CMS) on Ubuntu platform.

Online library management system

June 1st , 2009 - July 30th , 2009

Worked on Online library management system and student information system development using Groovy programming language and Grails web development framework.

Offline Airline Reservation System

March 1st , 2008 - May 18th , 2008

Developed an offline Airline Reservation System using Visual Basic 6.0 and Oracle 9i for Final semester project during graduation.

Educational / Professional Qualifications

MCA, CDAC Noida, GGSIPU, 76.3 %, [2011]
BCA, UPTEC Computer Consultancy Ltd. Noida, Integral University, 74.4%, [2008]

Personal Particulars

Date of Birth: 24th March 1986
Languages Known: English, Hindi, Bengali
Marital Status: Single


Earned scholarship in graduation;
Earned certificate of Proficiency from NIIT under NIIT@School program for academic year 2001-2002;
Earned 23rd place at National talent search competition in 1996.


Work Experience

Associate Software Engineer
August 2012 - April 2013

Gameloft India Pvt. Ltd.
Junior Game Programmer
June 2011 - December 2011

IntelliGrape Software
Software development trainee
January 2011 June 2011


Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University
MCA, Computer Science


Interests: Software Engineering, Video gaming, music, writing
Website / Blog:
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