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Status: Expanding subscribers to my unique podcast: Wealth, Yoga, Wine


Valerie Hail is a new podcaster reaching global communities with her trio of unlikely topics, Wealth, Yoga, Wine. Ms. Hail, a former owner of Le Petit Chateau inn, located in Hudson Valley, New York, intertwines her sixteen years as an entrepreneur with each topic to enhance listeners lifestyle.

Resumé / Bio

Valerie continues to practice Kundalini yoga, a dedicated believer in it's benefits for
over twenty-five years. She shares quick fixes via this specific yoga, the oldest yoga in the world, over 5,000 years.
Valerie's expertise in the wine and spirits industry concludes each podcast episode.
She is remarkable in using her expertise and transferable skills in her new podcast, Wealth, Yoga, Wine.
Valerie Hail realized that her twenty-five years as a New York fine wine and spirits sales representative and a practitioner of Kundalini yoga lend an interesting twist to a fun podcast. She wanted to share her mentors in the world of personal growth and transformation. She feels that this genre is vitally important because the mentors have guided her through the global pandemic. "Without Kundalini yoga, Mary Morrissey and Bob Proctor, I would have floundered. They literally guided me to think about what I would love. I love public speaking, kundalini yoga and the wine industry. Why not do a short segment on each topic", Ms. Hail quips.
Valerie's former career as a French wine sales representative for over twenty-five years takes that expertise and winds it into fun wine and food pairing suggestions.
WHERE: The podcast is published on Apple, SoundCloud, LinkedIn.
WHEN: Every Wednesday the podcast is published and distributed to eleven directories.
WHY: Ms. Hail wants to improve hundreds of people's lives globally. She believes that each of these topics enhance people's lifestyles when incorporated every day. Wealth is a state of mind. You can attract more wealth into your life by being grateful for what you already have. Kundalini yoga can provide people with exercises that de-stress, elevate one's awareness and prevent anger. Her wine suggestions for food and wine pairing is applicable to everyday food and wine.
HOW: The podcasts are usually under ten minutes. Within ten minutes one can expand their ability to create an arena where what they would really love comes to fruition. A quick visit to the website directs people to virtual kundalini yoga classes.

Work Experience



Interests: Avid bicyclist
West coast swing dancing
Public speaking

Honors / Awards: Toastmasters - Competent Communicator
Masters' Degree Information and Library Science
Website / Blog:
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