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The abstract is a test of knowledge, so when creating it, you have to try to do everything as correctly as possible. One of the mandatory elements is to write a conclusion in the abstract. In fact, it is a report, so pay special attention to the design of the a href=https://essayassistant.or... compliance with the standards and rules. Also, the conclusion in the abstract is the final stage of work on the main section. If it is strong, it can save even a mediocre presentation of the topic.
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Conclusion in the abstract is a section that makes up 5-10% of the total volume. The purpose of writing the conclusion - to systematize knowledge, summarize the results, highlight the statements, to indicate the achieved. The reviewer must understand what problems have been considered, whether it is possible to use them in practice.
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Conclusion of the abstract: analyzes and structures the content; defines the main point; answers the main a href=https://essayassistant.or... report writing service/a; summarizes the theoretical and practical part; creates a positive impression of the material.
The purpose of the conclusion of the abstract - to emphasize the significance of the work, to draw attention to the most important. This section briefly describes the whole work, methods of achieving the goal, results, characteristics of the problem, recommendations of the author. The most important thing - to write in the conclusion harmonious conclusions to each paragraph of the abstract.
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To write the conclusions in the abstract - does not mean to rewrite in other words the information presented in the work. This systematization of the material studied in order to create your own point of view on the problem of research. Novelty is not necessary, but the opinion of the author is required. In terms of syntax, these are a href=https://essayassistant.or... programming assignment help/a, consisting of previously stated and proved theses, justified by each other. This does not mean that the justification is created by the author. It is the conclusion of the authors whose work is used in the material.
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Not without reason, most teachers consider the conclusions in the abstract the most difficult part, it is the author's thoughts, an indicator of the degree of elaboration of the information. The conclusions are closely related to the objectives, purpose and content. The main characteristic - specificity, clarity of wording, based on statistical and analytical data.
Conclusions - statements based on the analysis of sources and the results of the study. The author insists on the statement, because he is convinced of its authenticity and can prove it. This is his point of view, which he is willing to defend.
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