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Cremorne Junction, Australia
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My name is Catherine Thompson, and I am an experienced Baby Sleep Consultant with over 17 years experience. I am also a mother of two young girls. I provide families with the knowledge, processes and confidence to help their babies find sleep more easily. My belief is that all babies have different requirements when it comes to sleep, however the frustration and anxiety caused from a lack of sleep can take its toll and I am passionate in helping families resolve this so they can focus on the joys of parenting. Whilst I do believe each baby is unique with their own sleep needs, I use a 'response based sleep approach when it comes to settling. What this means is by responding gently and consistently you can create a more comforting and secure environment for your baby thus encouraging sleep. I believe in working with families on slowing down and interpreting a situation before responding. I respect that every family's situation is different and that working collaboratively to achieve set goals is most effective.

Address: Cremorne Junction, NSW, 2090, Australia

Phone# 04 0634 4010


Working Hours: 7 Days a week

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