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Status: Venture officer,VP Strategy @ 40Billion.com


A seasoned auditor with over 35 years of experience in financial institutions. Also, worked as an IRS auditor. Experience in audit of individual and complex corporate tax returns.

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A seasoned professional with 33 years of experience in consultative oversight of credit unions, and Tax Auditor for Federal (IRS) and N.Y. City Tax jurisdictions. Specific skills include professional knowledge of the theory, concepts and practices of accounting and auditing in order to plan, conduct and report examination of the credit unions, and tax audits of Federal and N.Y. City tax return.


CJM Associates
Farmington, Ct.

Consultant March 2007 - July 2007

Conducted SOX audit of medium asset size Bank to determine compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. Review effectiveness of internal control structure and procedures for financial reporting. Determine whether identified deficiencies constitute significant deficiencies or material weaknesses and remediate by implementing and/or enhancing the necessary control. Communicated control deficiencies or findings with management. Develop test plans. Performed forensic audit to determine hidden assets, sources of income/revenue by detail review of bank statements, tax returns, etc.

National Credit Union Administration (U.S. Govt. Agency),
Albany, N.Y.

Principal Examiner April 1981 - April 2006

Managed, supervised and conducted examination of Federal Credit Unions of varied asset size (up to $3B) to determine financial soundness, policy and procedural adequacy, quality of management and compliance with relevant laws and regulations; evaluated risk , if any, to the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund. Other responsibilities included providing oversight on corrective measures suggested during audit.

Provided wide range of oversight of problem-credit unions from assisting in mergers, conversion and / or liquidation to initiating actions such as suspension of charter and suspension or removal of officials. Developed and implemented successful turnaround strategy for 18 credit unions that led to profitability, and financial soundness, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars to the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund.

Internal Revenue Service
Houston, TX.

Revenue Agent April 1979 - April 1981

Conducted field examination of individual and corporate tax returns to ensure compliance with Internal Revenue Service Code and Regulations. Communicated findings with taxpayers and prepared assessments as necessary.

Finance Administration, City of New York
New York, N.Y.

Tax Accountant May 1973 - April 1979

Conducted desk audit of individual and corporate tax returns for City of New York to ensure compliance with Tax Codes. Prepared assessments as necessary and met with taxpayers to discuss findings. Followed up on collection matters.


University of Bombay - India

B.S in Accounting. March 1965

B.S. in Law (JD) March 1968

Long Island University, N.Y. May 1972
M.B.A with Accounting & Finance

REFERENCES: Available upon request.


Sydenham College
BA, Accounting

K.C. Law College
JD, Law

L.I. University

Work Experience



Interests: Interests: Financial Consultant. Strategic Planner.

Honors / Awards: Honors / Awards: 30 years of experience as Consultant in financial areas. Turn around strategist.
Website / Blog: http://www.40billion.com
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