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I'm Daniel,  an experienced freelance writer.
I've been writing contents for several topics requested by clients.
I enjoy writing as it is one way of expressing myself.

What I love most about freelance writing is being able to express creativity and feelings.
I'm striving to improve professionally and build my network.

My ongoing article talks about tips and guides on living in Rochester NY.

I wrote it since many would rather be in Rochester.

There are approximately 70 hotels in rochester ny. If you are looking for at least a three star hotel in Rochester, there are over 30 to choose from. If you are looking for a nice hotel in Rochester you will not be disappointed.

Rochester hotels range from basic, no frills types to fancy and exquisite. Many have amenities such as pools, exercise equipment, spas and room service. You can find a hotel in Rochester near the airport, in the heart of the city or by the waterfront. There are Rochester ny hotels to accommodate every taste and every budget.

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Interests: travel, writing, pets
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