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Zürich, Switzerland, Switzerland  |  Security and Investigations
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About Lana
Status: Contracting Globally HNWI, Family Offices, Investors, Business Owners


Swiss Security Solutions LLC has 220+ years of Know-How, 85+ years of industry management experience and worked on cases value CHF/USD/EUR 45 Billion.

Resumé / Bio

Detective Resumé and Investigator Bio can be found here:

Work Experience

Privatdetektiv Zurich - Schweiz
Marketing Manager

Private Detective Agency Switzerland -
Marketing Manager

Private Investigator Switzerland -
Marketing Manager

Swiss Detective Agency -
Marketing Manager

Swiss Security Solutions LLC
VP Marketing & PR



Interests: We have interest in providing following services and solutions:
Background checks
Skip Tracing - Locating Services for Persons and Companies
Due Diligence for Investors, Companies, Public Companies and private persons
Corporate investigations & intelligence
CEO fraud investigation
Cyber investigations & social media intelligence
Insurance claim verification
Asset tracing & verification
Dormant accounts and dormant assets investigations
Surveillance Services (Observation)
Fingerprinting and analysis
Process Serving
Forgery investigation
Arson investigation
Record searching cases
Witness interviews and location
Accident investigation
Intellectual property theft
Fraud investigation
Domestic and divorce cases
Private family investigations
Market survey and information gathering
Surveillance and counter-surveillance
Patent, Trademark and Copyright infringement
Debt recovery and judgment collection
Pre & post matrimonial investigation
Pre & post-employment investigation (Staff vetting)
Death investigation including closed cases
Missing person investigation
Global risk investigations
Forensic accounting
Digital and Mobile Forensic Services
Honors / Awards: Various Honors and Awards
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