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If you're searching for the best landscaping service in Kailua-Kona, look no further than Hawaii Landscaping. We delight our residential and commercial customers with outstanding landscape design, installation, and maintenance on Hawaii Island. Call us for mowing and lawn service that includes trimming, shaping, and pruning for your shrubs and gardens. We'll also care for trees and outdoor planters. If your turf needs extra seasonal care like dethatching, our landscapers are ready to help. We're a local contractor, well-known in the areas, and recipient of many five-star reviews for excellent service.
Few Kona landscaping companies can match the scope of our capabilities, which also include fertilizing and feeding, and weed control. Our goal is to improve and maintain your property to the highest standards of care with no effort required on your part. You'll enjoy your tard and outdoor space more and feel proud of the way it looks. If you need power washing services, we provide them and install and repair irrigation systems for residential and commercial clients. Our pricing sticks to the estimates we provide, and we work hard to meet promised deadlines with no surprises for you.
Among Hawaii Island landscapers, we're also known for our excellent clean-up services that include land clearing, turf replacement, and topsoil deliveries if needed. We're a one-stop provider for everything your need for lawn and landscaping installation and maintenance. We offer complimentary design consultations and help you visualize the final look as your plantings mature. It helps avoid missteps and assures you of lawns, gardens, and trees that enhance the look of your property. New homeowners call us to revitalize and restore their yards or plant new shrubs and trees that are well-chosen and elegant.

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Hawaii Landscaping is unlike any other Kona landscaper because our professionalism, quality, and service are at a higher level. When you work with us for design and maintenance, you'll see we're a cut above most landscaping companies in Kailua-Kona. We handle all your lawn and outdoor needs, including turf installation, irrigation systems, new shrubs and trees, and much more. We plant only the healthiest and highest quality trees and shrubs well suited to Hawaii Island's tropical climate. Our people are knowledgeable, and from the community, so you enjoy all the advantages of a local landscaper.
You won't find a Kailua-Kona landscaping designer with better ideas. It's because we're experienced and know the area so well. Many residential and commercial clients come to us for lawn service and then ask us to help with their gardens or a complete redesign of their outdoor spaces. We also maintain and enhance what we plant. Our mowing, trimming, pruning, and shaping services are among the best, and you'll always be pleased with how your yard looks. For business owners, well-maintained outdoor spaces are appealing to customers. For homeowners, you'll feel prouder of your home and property.
Our landscaping designers in Kona will help you select new shrubs and trees, and we'll maintain them once planted. We can handle future fertilizing and weed control needs and dethatch your lawn to keep it healthy and looking its best. Call us when you've bought or taken over management of a property and need a landscape clean-up, land clearing, or replanting. We work anywhere on Hawaii Island and can power wash exterior areas as part of the clean-up. You'll be amazed by the difference we can make in such a short time. There's no easier way to improve any commercial or residential property.

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