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Caucasian German Shepherd: Training Tips

Caucasian German Shepherd: Training Tips
The Caucasian German Shepherd becomes a type of intelligent and also dangerous dog breed at the same time. The Caucasian Shepherd dogs become great working or guard dog that always popular with their fearless and also aggressive temperament. They tend to run, attack and knocking the intruders on the floor if they feel threatened or in danger. They will need proper training and socialization to direct them to well-behaved dogs. Unfortunately, they may be stubborn and unwilling to learn. It will need your strong leadership in order to control them all the time.

Successful Caucasian German Shepherd training requires a lot of patience, consistency and also positive reinforcement from the owner. And all of them should be implemented based on the correct technique and positive training methods as well. Training Caucasian Shepherd is recommended to be started from the ages of 7-8 months old.

You can start with the obedience training. Make your Caucasian dog know and understand that you are the leader of the pack. For the easy example, don't let your Caucasian dog sleep with you in your bed, don't let your Caucasian go out or come in through the door first before you, don't permit your Caucasian dog to eat first before you have finished your meals, and many other pieces of training. It is also important for your Caucasian German Shepherd to know or recognize his name. You can train your Caucasian dog to recognize his name.

Take a treat in your hand, and call your Caucasian Shepherd's name. It will make your Caucasian shepherd turns and looks at the treat in your hand and repeat this training until they are trained. Another important training is socializing your Caucasian Shepherd with their environment. They should know that not all of the humans are enemies.

Socialize them in any situation and condition will be extremely helpful to create well behaved, calm, friendly and also gentle Caucasian Shepherd. And if they are socialized well, the next required training is to train them about how to herd for different types of livestock since the Caucasian Shepherd will guard your livestock.

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Caucasian German Shepherd: Training Tips