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5 Ways To Generate Content That Is King

5 Ways To Generate Content That Is King

Ever heard the expression, "Content is king" before? While content comes in many forms, engaging content is scarce these days. The fact is, you have only a few seconds to capture the interest of your website visitors or potential customers. There is simply too much competition for attention to expect that people will invest too much of their time in trying to decipher bad content. Therefore, engaging content is king.

What is considered engaging content? It's memorable content that captures the attention of your audience, compelling them to view and share it with their friends and colleagues. Great content can be entertaining or informative, but it has to be content that people want to consume, talk about, and share - whether in-person, on social media, through email, or elsewhere.

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Here are 5 great ways to create engaging content in order to increase your website's traffic and boost sales for your online business:

1) Brainstorming

Gather a team of trusted advisors to bounce ideas off one another. Being a part of a powerful mastermind group and trusted advisors is a great way to improve your ideas and creativity.

2) Playing devil's advocate

Discuss a concept's pros and cons by taking the opposite view. When you question commonly-held views and basic premises, you find novel ways to meet your customers' needs and improve your business. Don't be afraid to be provocative.

3) Storytelling

Using a story to convey a particular concept forces us to develop ideas to make it more effective. Be sure to incorporate real-life examples to make your story more relatable.

4) Interviewing experts and customers

Interviews are a great way to learn from industry experts and from your own customers - like "live" testimonials. You'll gain new ideas and leverage effective marketing, while developing engaging content for your website.

5) Social networking

Using social media is the best way to join effective and smart online communities that enable you to quickly gain knowledge of relevant topics and participate in the discussion. Use popular social networks like Twitter, Facebook and others to both find new content ideas and to promote your own content through promoted posts.

In conclusion, your content must focus on your customers' interests, since customers are your intended audience. By tapping into your customers' interests, your content is more likely to be engaging and provide value that will keep them coming back to your website for more.

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5 Ways To Generate Content That Is King