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Do you have a mobile version of your small business website? If you don't, you could be missing out on tons of potential customers who use their smartphones to do the majority of their shopping because it's more convenient.

Would you believe that more than half of all adults in the United States use a smartphone? Chances are, you're one of them. You probably use your mobile phone or tablet device to check email, get Facebook updates, watch YouTube and Netflix videos, get directions, and browse the Web during your spare time. And, if you're like more and more young people, you probably use your smartphone for online banking and shopping too.

With more customers using their mobile devices to access information about companies, entrepreneurs and managers need to think about how their website displays on smartphones and tablets. If your content is difficult to read on a small screen, then you're losing customers, especially those who like to share social media links on their mobile devices.

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Furthermore, if your competitors are mobile ready, but your mobile visitors are having a poor experience, then you're losing business.

Here are 4 important things to keep in mind when developing your mobile website:

1) Make content easy to read on smaller screens.

If possible, avoid overly complicating the navigation with complex menus and pagination. Also, utilize short paragraphs, which are easier to scroll through on smartphones.

2) Show the most important info in or near the header.

The important info about your company may include your brand name, logo, address, contact information and what your business offers. These should be near the top of the page.

3) Keep it simple stupid.

Mobile websites need simple navigation, easy-to-read text and highly visible call-to-action buttons that easily draw your visitors through your site. As you design your mobile website, think about the information your customers want to access quickly, and then make sure that information is prominently shown.

4) Social media marketing has gone mobile.

Most shoppers use at least one mobile device to research, purchase, and share products online - including via social networks. Include social LIKE and SHARE buttons on your mobile webpages, and encourage visitors to comment on your blog. Social sharing creates word-of-mouth recommendations by allowing users to talk about your business - and spread the word.

Speaking of social networks, most are available on mobile. The majority of Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat users visit the site on their mobile smartphones. In recent years, sites like have facilitated mobile marketing to reach millions of potential customers across the most popular social networking sites for small businesses - including 40Billion, Twitter, Facebook, and even Google.

Innovative services like promoted posts and promoted company listings were created for entrepreneurs and marketers to tap into a growing network of mobile users online without spending thousands on pay-per-click ads or traditional advertising.

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How To Attract More Customers With A Great Mobile Website