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How To Deal With Stress At Work

How To Deal With Stress At Work

Are you stressed out at work or starting a business? Do you feel like you're reaching a breaking point? Are you having a hard time juggling business and family demands? It happens to many of us. The anxiety, negative thoughts, perspiration, and despair caused by stress are normal, but you should not let them prevent you from succeeding and being your best you.

To cope with the stress and stay focused, you'll need to incorporate a stress relief routine in your workday. Use these 4 simple techniques to help you deal with stress in a better way:

1) Hold your breath.

Taking a deep breath and holding it for 5 seconds before you exhale will calm your sympathetic nervous system and reduce your anxiety. Take 4 seconds to inhale, hold your breath for 5 seconds, and then exhale for 6 seconds. Do this 20 times to help calm your mind and body.

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2) Sing in the shower.

When showering in the morning, or any time of day really, try singing or humming your favorite music to put you in a good mood. When you sing or hum, you are slowing your breathing, which will help to calm you down. If your shower is large enough, you might even find yourself dancing a little to feel better.

On days when you don't take a shower, try singing in your car on the way to work instead. However, showering every day is highly recommended.

3) Have some selfie time.

Looking at funny photos of yourself, also known as selfies, or vacation pictures of yourself with family and friends can help you escape from negative, stressful thoughts. Remember when the photos were taken, what you were doing, and how you felt at the time.

This technique will calm you down by refocusing your attention on positive thoughts. It also helps you to keep things in perspective and remember that your life is more than whatever stressful work you happen to be doing right now - whether you're launching an innovative startup, marketing your companies to gain new customers, or promoting your brand on social media.

4) Smile at someone nearby.

Smiling and laughing will help to alleviate stress and stressful situations. That's one of the reasons why we all like watching comedians and listening to jokes. Smiling makes you feel better and makes others around you feel better too.

Your inviting smile may even prompt more friendly coworkers to strike up a nice conversation with you and take your mind off of whatever was stressing you out in the first place.

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How To Deal With Stress At Work