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Would you like for a celebrity - or someone with a very large network - to recommend your business, product or service? This type of endorsement has been known to boost businesses and sales 10x or more. But dealing with influencers, such as celebrities, can be tricky because they tend to get thousands of free sample products in the mail from businesses hoping to get their attention. They may even request a whopping 6-figure fee or discounted stock options in return for an endorsement.

Here are 4 ways to get influencers to endorse your product or service and use their endorsement to grow your business:

1) Try testimonials.

If a celebrity posts something positive on social media about your product, that's essentially a testimonial. Therefore, you should save the post for your future marketing efforts. Otherwise, get an autographed photo from a celebrity that you meet, and ask them to write an endorsement on the photo in exchange for a free sample.

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2) The early bird gets the worm.

If you get a tip that a celebrity has a need for your type of business, submit a response immediately. Check the celebrity magazines, news websites, and TV shows for interviews with influencers in which they talk about there needs and interests. Every need is a potential business opportunity.

3) Team up.

If you know that a celebrity has a new hobby that is related to your business, ask them to team up on an exciting project that will attract media attention for both of you. This is where you have to be creative. Celebrities like to do unique and exciting projects that are out-of-the-box, beyond their normal routine, or opportunities for them to give back in a philanthropic way. Examples range from extreme build-off competitions to charity contests.

4) Promote their endorsement.

Influential endorsements from celebrities and other influencers can be priceless for growing your brand. If you have a celebrity customer, plan your next social media marketing campaign to let everyone know. You can create promoted posts and ad banners with their testimonial or quote, and share them for other potential customers to see and engage with online.

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How To Get Influencers To Endorse And Grow Your Business