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3 Tips To Recruit The Best Employees For Your Startup

3 Tips To Recruit The Best Employees For Your Startup

Why do startup entrepreneurs have a difficult time finding and recruiting good employees? Hiring the right people is a difficult task for many companies, even well-established businesses. The main difference is that startup entrepreneurs are often unable to retain the employees that they hire, and there are several reasons for that. However, these 3 tips will help you hire and retain better employees for your new business:

1) Hire the right skillsets.

Startup entrepreneurs often hire unqualified employees because the job candidates claim to be fast learners. This kind of enthusiasm may work for larger companies with extensive training resources, but not for budget-conscious startups looking for expertise and the ability to multi-task and "wear many different hats." The best way to avoid mistakes is to hire employees who have already "been there and done that." You may have pay these experienced hires more, but it's worth it.

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2) Hire Michael Jordan.

MJ was one of the most competitive basketball players ever to play the game, and he was adept at finding a way to win because he hated to lose. Similarly, all startups have to compete aggressively for customers. So doesn't it make sense to hire employees who thrive in a competitive work environment?

Great startup employees embrace competitive challenges, hate losing customers to competitors and are highly motivated to succeed. So ask prospective employees about sports interests, especially team sports such as basketball or football, and other personal and professional activities that involve achievement under pressure. Prospective employees who dislike fast-paced competition will not thrive in a new company.

3) Hire perseverance.

The best startup employees adapt well to shifting priorities and don't get easily discouraged from unexpected setbacks. Ask prospective employees how they handled career disappointments, frustrating situations, or difficult coworkers. All startups need determined problem-solvers, not quitters who won't stick around when the going gets tough.

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3 Tips To Recruit The Best Employees For Your Startup