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3 SEO Tips For Small Business Success

3 SEO Tips For Small Business Success

Why are you stressing out about changes in search engine algorithms and new social media platforms to learn? Search engine optimization (also known as SEO) is in constant flux, which means that your business' online marketing strategies need to be revamped frequently. Or, does it?

For small business owners, startup entrepreneurs, and online marketing professionals, here are the 3 most important things you need to know about SEO:

1) There is no secret SEO code that you can use on your website to rank higher on Google. Sorry, but there is no magic bullet.

You have to get really good at marketing yourself online, including social media marketing - a.k.a. digital marketing - through services like promoted posts and promoted company listings.

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2) Be aware that search engine algorithms change, but don't change your entire business or marketing plan every time you hear about a new Google search algorithm update.

Google's SEO and page ranking system is based on relevance. So, if you've done all of your SEO fundamentals and you have other websites linking to yours, then you don't have to worry about frequent algorithm changes.

The real not-so-secret sauce that leads to SEO success is still creating compelling, relevant content that provides an engaging experience. Therefore, design your website for human beings, not algorithm robots, and create a constant flow of good content that real people find informative or entertaining.

3) SEO is not rocket science. It's actually quite simple really. If you choose to set up companies online, then you should know something about how the Internet works.

The hardest part for most people is understanding why links (also known as hyperlinks) are so important. Search engine algorithms begin with an analysis of how many other webpages link to yours as a sign of popularity. The better your marketing promotion is online, the more links you'll gain naturally.

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3 SEO Tips For Small Business Success