2 Ways To Generate Quick Buzz For Your Business

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Most of us like when business brands interact with us in an authentic, human way that leads to a pleasant and satisfying experience. Don't you like when your problem is solved and your needs are met?

What do we do when we have such an experience? Well, we talk about it. That is word-of-mouth buzz from social interaction that's authentic and customer-service focused.

Here are 2 ways to generate this type of buzz for your business' brand:

1) Communicate in a contextual way.

If a customer posts a negative message about your product or sends you a direct message on social media sites to request support, that immediately provides you with context for response. You know what their problem is. You know they want help and are still interested in your product, and you can learn more about the customer by scanning their profile.

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A response that sounds human and acknowledges the customer's problem would be appropriate. Yet so often we see companies turn into robots on social networking sites that are built to facilitate genuine conversation and service.

Interacting with customers on social sites is about context and then communicating like a real human being, the way the customer probably wants to be treated. And there's a good chance the customer is going to share their brand interaction experience, good or bad. That is buzz, and your company's reputation depends on it.

2) Respond to messages quickly.

Customers have come to expect fast responses from companies on social media sites. That's the reason they choose to communicate through this channel versus an automated phone system or email. Fast response is not only key in satisfying the immediate need, but it also facilitates customer satisfaction.

Think how good you feel when your hairstylist is able to squeeze you in last minute before your big job interview. You've probably told your friends about that VIP treatment you received, right? Well, it's that sort of quick response that can generate buzz on social media.

In conclusion, generating buzz for your business requires authenticity and time, just like good customer service. Therefore, you should keep these tips in mind when you're allocating your social media marketing budget.

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2 Ways To Generate Quick Buzz For Your Business