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5 Tips To Create A Winning Team For Your Business

5 Tips To Create A Winning Team For Your Business

As business leaders and athletic coaches know, you need more than exceptional talent to succeed. To create a winning team, entrepreneurs can learn from great athletes who came together to reach their full potential.

Here are 5 tips from their experience that will help you create a winning team for your startup:

1) Rally your team around a shared vision.

In a business, your employees don't start with a shared vision, so make sure everyone is clear about the end goal and why it matters. Find out why each person cares about the goal, and then use those motivations to drive success.

2) Lead employees to strive for personal bests.

Channel your team's competitiveness by pushing each member to do their personal best. Don't pit people against each other, but if you can motivate each other, then a little competitiveness is a good thing.

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3) Value the individual strengths of each employee.

Each person is a vital member of the team - a role player - so you need to help them recognize how they can best support the group. To do that, show each person how his or her strengths will elevate the team so that their role and value are clear.

4) Encourage camaraderie.

TEAM = Together Each Accomplishes More. Selfishness and jealousy destroy a team's effort, so emphasize succeeding as a team and working hard to benefit one another. Be glad when other team members succeed because you will benefit too. Remind everyone that the success you're working toward for your company is a victory you will all share.

5) Promote a supportive culture.

The mental pressures of working long hours to meet an ambitious goal can be harder than physical hurdles. Readily available support from everyone, not just the leader, holds a team together when the pressure mounts.

One for all, and all for one!

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5 Tips To Create A Winning Team For Your Business