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3 Traits Of Successful Entrepreneurs

3 Traits Of Successful Entrepreneurs

What type of entrepreneur or business leader are you? Knowing the answer could help you become more successful in your business. Being aware of what makes you tick can help you make better decisions as an entrepreneur.

These 3 character traits define a business leaders' decision-making process:

1. Do you have the heart of a champion?

Entrepreneurs with heart are the passionate, big-picture, founding visionaries that may not necessarily have a rational, research-based business plan, but are fiercely committed to seeing their goal through.

2. Are you a genius?

The super smart entrepreneur is rational, makes decisions based on facts, sets goals, delegates responsibility and knows how to hold people accountable.

3. Do you have "balls?"

Entrepreneurs with guts actively seek out risky business ventures with the possibility for high reward and are capable of managing situations with high risk.

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Which one do you think you are?

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3 Traits Of Successful Entrepreneurs