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3 Reasons To Work For A Startup First

3 Reasons To Work For A Startup First

You're an aspiring entrepreneur, so why are you working for an entrepreneur? Is working at another startup a route to nowhere or a good career move? It just might pay to work at someone else's startup before starting your own. Here are 3 reasons why:

1) Startups can take a chance on talent.

Getting a first job is key to launching your career as an entrepreneur. Find a startup hiring manager who is willing to take a chance on your limited ability and experience. Chances are, that hiring manager will also be patiently willing to teach you everything you need to know to get to the next level.

2) Startups allow you to wear different hats.

Like Jamaican immigrants, entrepreneurs are known to have 3... 4... even 5 jobs at the same time. Learn the ropes by multitasking at a startup that doesn't have a lot of employees. Without many employees, small startups require each employee to fulfill multiple roles. That's great training for becoming an entrepreneur and running your own business, which may seem like five jobs in one.

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3) Startups help you build intangible skills.

The closeness of a small startup makes it essential for every employee to learn how to communicate and deal with people of differing personalities. You'll find these learnings to be essential when you become a founder.

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3 Reasons To Work For A Startup First