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The Real Reasons Why VC Investors Delete Your Emails

The Real Reasons Why VC Investors Delete Your Emails

What should you include in an introductory email to a potential VC investor if your goal is to actually get them to open it and read it? Although every investor pitch and every investor is different, these 4 blunders are common to most of the unsuccessful ones:

1) The email has a worthless subject line.

Too often, entrepreneurs use boring, worthless subject lines in their investor pitches. Your subject line is your make or break. If it's interesting and relevant, the email gets opened. If it's vague, the email gets deleted without a second thought.

Make sure your subject line is specific, concise and relevant to the recipient. Even better if you can make it interesting. Think objectively... Would you open this email?

2) You didn't ask for anything.

It may seem obvious, but ask any investor how many pitches fill their inbox with specifying what the sender wants. Your pitch needs to request something that is relevant to what your recipient specializes in.

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Whether you're seeking advice about an industry that the recipient recently invested in, seeking an introduction to a potential partner, or seeking a lead investor in your next fundraising round, latch your company or product to something the investor cares about.

Go back and read a few recent comments or portfolio deals that the recipient participated in. Check out their social media accounts too.

3) Your message is too verbose.

You need to respect the recipient's time (or lack thereof). The longer it takes for you to effectively communicate your pitch, the higher the likelihood your email will get deleted. Think, short sentences, small paragraphs.

Even better... Condense your email into just a few lines. This is easier said than done, but, for an introductory email, sometimes that can be an effective teaser. Keep it short and simple.

4) There are no links.

Never send unsolicited attachments, such as 50-page business plans. Instead, give your recipient the ability to learn more with relevant links to stuff that's actually useful. Put yourself in your recipient's shoes. If you're interested, what more would you want to know? Be clear about what each link leads to - for example, "For some screenshots, go here" link, or "For a demo, go here" link.

And to keep the email clean, use shortened links or just hyperlink action words, such as "go here."

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The Real Reasons Why VC Investors Delete Your Emails