5 Counter-Productive Things You Should NOT Do Every Day

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Can't get through your workday without constant interruptions? Are routine tasks taking over your day? Here are 5 daily tasks you can remove from your workday to help you stay focused and be more productive:

1) DO NOT cram your to-do list.

You might feel the need to write down everything you need to accomplish each day, and while compiling a lengthy list of things you need to accomplish might seem productive, you could be doing more harm than good. Instead, create a manageable list of essential tasks that should be finished on a given day, and save the rest for later.

2) DO NOT schedule open-ended meetings.

Too many small-business owners waste half the meeting just getting to what they really want to talk about. Figure out your top three priorities before you call a meeting, and make those priorities clear to all the attendees.

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3) DO NOT answer repetitive questions.

You're wasting time if you find yourself answering the same questions over and over again. Instead, put together an FAQ on your website or create instructional videos that people can access via links at the bottom of your emails.

4) DO NOT eat lunch at your desk.

Tempting as it might be to scarf down a sandwich between emails at your computer, don't make it a daily routine. A short break or walk away from your desk will lead to better ideas and decisions.

5) DO NOT make lots of piles.

Eliminating clutter can free your mind and free up time, which will make you more productive. Rather than organizing papers in confusing piles, create a systematic filing system and eliminate any pieces of paper you no longer need.

Try it! You may be surprised how well this works.

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5 Counter-Productive Things You Should NOT Do Every Day