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Lack of funding often causes young entrepreneurs to give up on their ventures before ever getting off the ground. The many rejections, ignored emails and missed calls thrown your way from potential investors can be quite demoralizing, to say the least. Sometimes it seems like searching for a needle in a haystack, but entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart.

It's imperative for young entrepreneurs to look beyond what is considered the normal route in business, especially as they seek that crucial first investment. After all, what is normal? You don't often hear about the unsuccessful pitches from entrepreneurs attempting to win funding for their ideas, you only hear about the victories.

So even though it's easy to feel down about missing the mark, the truth is that sometimes even an endless amount of preparation, research and rehearsal still doesn't do the trick.

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Startups find their footing in a myriad ways, and securing capital should be no different. Just because you strike out with one group of investors doesn't prevent other doors from opening. Remember, opportunity can strike when you least expect it.

Here are some uncommon ways to find an investor:

- Opportunity comes unexpectedly, so prepare for the unexpected. Being flexible as an entrepreneur is crucial to the success of your business, and it's important to remember that the simplest conversations can transform into an opportunity. Don't take anything for granted.

- The conventional wisdom was once unconventional experimentation. Look past the typical business plan competitions and venture accelerators and don't be afraid to try your own unique approaches as you pursue an investment. Some investors actually appreciate young entrepreneurs with the confidence and ability to try out new things.

- Don't get bogged down by your business plan. Being strategic in your pursuit of an investment is even more critical. Research, prepare and execute your plan. Investors will soon take notice.

- Don't give up! Rejection is a huge part of entrepreneurship. Believing in your idea is probably the most important asset to have as an entrepreneur. It's proven that investors invest in the belief and passion that they see in the founders, more so than the idea itself.

In other words, there are ways to make the needle seem bigger and the haystack seem smaller. Keep at it!

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Uncommon Ways To Find Investors For Your Startup