3 Ways To Get Your Employees To Share Their Honest Opinions

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After you've surrounded yourself with the best talent you can find, creating an environment that stifles open communication can render that investment useless for companies.

Perhaps your employees are afraid to give you honest answers about your business or feel like they need to agree with every idea you have, even the obviously bad ideas. If that's the case, your business could be suffering because you're not getting the value of their expertise, creativity, and insight.

Here are some ways to get your team comfortable with telling you what you need to hear instead of only what they think you want to hear:

1) Don't overreact.

It's never fun to hear bad news or smile while someone is telling you that your latest idea is pretty bad. Pay attention when an employee is speaking to you and refrain from becoming defensive. If you feel like you can't respond favorably or even neutrally, thank the person for speaking up and say you'd like to discuss the matter more later. Taking a break before you respond will give you some time to calm down and be more objective about the feedback.

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2) Welcome criticism.

During meetings, invite feedback in a general way and emphasize that employees are also welcome to give their opinions in private. Some may feel uncomfortable criticizing the boss in front of others.

3) Be aware.

If no one has come to you with ideas or concerns lately or if you walk into a group and it suddenly goes silent, the problem could be you. Make sure you approach employees individually. Consider having coffee with one or a small group of employees every month to discuss ideas, which can create an informal and more comfortable atmosphere.

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3 Ways To Get Your Employees To Share Their Honest Opinions