How To Keep Your Employees Motivated

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Keeping your business' employees motivated, inspired and productive should be a top goal for companies. Here are 5 ways to leave your staff inspired and productive:

1) Create a list of employee rights.

To amp up your work environment, this list should include the right to a comfortable work environment, managers who behave professionally, and an immediate and fair response to any grievances. Workers should also receive regular performance reviews that include setting expectations and goals for every employee.

2) Build opportunities for initiative.

Smart employees without opportunities to use their brains can get discouraged. By encouraging your team to think for themselves they will become more engaged. For example, instead of telling an employee every step to take in completing a task, assign the responsibility for the end results and let them tackle it their own way. Offer small bonuses or gifts, such as gift cards or dinner for two at a local restaurant, for good ideas that save the company money. Encourage employees who work together to meet regularly to discuss how to work more efficiently, and pay for yummy snacks during the meetings. You want your employees to feel valued, and listening to them is a big step in that direction...

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How To Keep Your Employees Motivated