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How to Brainstorm Breakthrough Ideas for Your Business

How to Brainstorm Breakthrough Ideas for Your Business

With the new year approaching, now is a good time to reflect on your current business and find the spark for your next breakthrough idea?

No clue what that is? To ignite new light bulb moments, start with these four great idea generation tactics:


Ask yourself: "What scares me most?" Then, explore that dark space. What if you overhauled your product and reintroduced it - what features would it have? Where would you invest money if you replaced a major conference or trade show with other lead-generating activities? Even if something is working for you, is there a way to make it better? As for your competition, instead of studying what they're doing, contemplate what they're afraid of, too.


First, state your problem or challenge. Then, gather several unrelated items. The ideas don't even have to make sense at first. The goal is to find ways to connect them back to the product.

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Gather around, get out your big white pad, and create a huge matrix of all the possible ways that you could address a problem or seize an opportunity. Then, recombine those elements in unique ways.


It's spring, summer, autumn, or winter break. Whatever the season, take a break from your business, even if it's just a quick getaway or a weekend disconnect. Rest and recharge to stoke creativity and prevent burnout.

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How to Brainstorm Breakthrough Ideas for Your Business