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Do you at times feel like your B2B content marketing strategy needs a lift? How can you boost your content strategy to generate a greater level of success? Here are seven definitive ways that you can fire up your content strategy, and generate palpable results:

1. Create content around a predetermined purpose.

What is your company's purpose? This is the first and most important question you need to ask yourself before any content is created. If you don't have a clear purpose or goal, your content will appear haphazard and your readers will have no reason to return.

2. Invest in a motivating storyteller.

Mediocre B2B content marketing is based around a company's product or service; while great, inspiring B2B content marketing is built upon storytelling. As humans, our motivations are tied to compelling and relatable stories. No matter how old we are, a well-told story can move us to take a positive action.

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3. Choose quality content over quantity.

With such a big push toward filling that content calendar, the quality of B2B blogs and other content can quickly go downhill. While it's important to keep that content flowing, you never want to lose sight of the quality of your content. Don't give them a reason to seek content from your competitors; instead, always strive to give them consistently high-quality content that keeps them coming back for more.

4. Make it personal.

Nobody likes to be addressed in generalities - to be just another face in the crowd. We want to feel special. That's why you definitely program your phone with your personal data - so it can greet you by name, show you local weather, and even recognize your fingerprint.

In B2B content marketing, we need to personalize our approach, if we want to succeed. Use data from loyalty and customer value programs to determine what offers would appeal to certain individuals, or use behavioral data to create the right content based on insights and emotions.

5. Become a reliable news source.

One way to become an authority is to generate data people cite. Conduct your own research, distribute your own surveys, and then leverage the valuable information you collect. In addition to external use, consider sharing it internally, for employee recruitment, or customer service. Meanwhile, those in your industry will find it valuable.

Create reports, articles, presentations and white papers citing your data. Promote them on social media, and direct people to a digest where they can get the full report in exchange for an email address.

6. Give your best content a leg up.

While B2B blogs have a shelf life, this can be extended in multiple ways. Some blog topics are evergreen in nature, and naturally give you more traffic. There's also a lot you can do to keep a truly great blog post going long after that first wave of readers dies down.

One way to prolong your content's shelf life is to turn it into paid media through PPC, social media marketing and search engine marketing ads. This boosts your owned or shared media because it reaches beyond your current audience. And by methodically choosing high-quality content, you put your best foot forward for first-time clickers while extending the life of your well-written and carefully prepared content.

You can also take a great blog post and update it with new information. It looks fresh to your audience, but doesn't involve a lot of extra work on your part.

7. Test everything.

Why does it seem that some sites have all the success, while others have some sad content fails? Luck doesn't have anything to do with it - a lot of it comes down to testing.

Test what works, and stick to it. Try different types of content - visuals, infographics, CTAs, and even blog post titles - to see what works for your audience. Use analytics programs like Google Analytics to acquire detailed information about where your site stands, and then test to find your personal formula for success.

Implement these practices in your B2B content marketing strategy as soon as possible, and get ready to see measurable improvement!

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7 Strategic Tips to Boost Your Business Content Marketing