4 Ways Influencers Can Boost Your Brand

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Trust, attraction, and frequent engagement sound like the recipe for a deep and long-lasting relationship, right?

Not surprisingly, consumers can experience and feel these same attributes for a product, and as a result, they form lasting, loyal relationships with the brands that serve them.

Unfortunately for brands, connecting to a potential customer at this level is difficult and time-consuming. The reason is that consumers do not readily trust brands due to some perceived bias. It can take a long time for brands to bring a consumer through the journey from awareness to loyal customer, especially if the brand is the only one touting their product's greatness.

Brands need help with creating and establishing these authentic consumer connections, and that's where influencers come in.

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Influencers can encourage those lasting brand-consumer relationships by promoting engagement, attraction, and trust - the three attributes that result in long-term, loyal customers. Let's take a look at each of these in more detail:

1. Increase engagement

Partnering with an influencer can help get your brand and products in front of an engaged audience that is interested in your product.

An engaged audience is an active audience, and influencers know how to get a response from their followers. In fact, in the last few years, influencers on YouTube and other social media sites have been achieving a higher engagement rate than hot celebrities such as Taylor Swift.

2. Attract higher-quality leads

An influencer's genuine love for your product can bring you more qualified leads than hundreds of pay-per-click ads, without all of the additional advertising expenses.

Working with influencers also fosters higher-quality leads because they exert their influence in specialized niches. Because of this specificity, the leads you generate from these influencers will be more targeted and relevant. The result is a higher number of leads who are already interested in what you sell.

3. Cultivate trust

Trust is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. Deep trust between two people can result in a loyal relationship that outlasts the worst and most difficult of times. Similarly, a consumer who trusts your brand and your products may become a loyal customer for life and even a brand ambassador.

Do your customers trust you? Partnering with an influencer can help your desired customers cultivate this deep level of trust in your brand. The influencers you partner with should genuinely admire your products, and if so, this sentiment will be evident to their followers. If your influencers love and trust you, so will their followers.

4. Perfect targeting and increased ROI

How do you find influencers who can help you attract higher-quality leads, connect with an engaged audience and cultivate trust? You need to target the right influencers - the ones who will connect with what you offer and be able to authentically communicate their love for your products and brand to their followers.

The process for seeking out influencers independently is not straightforward, however, and it can be tedious if you do not know exactly what to look for and what metrics to use in your search.

Here's a tip: Start with your best and most popular customers as influencers, or conduct a customer survey of potential influencers.

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4 Ways Influencers Can Boost Your Brand