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6 Ways to Boost Your Inbound Marketing with Evergreen Content

6 Ways to Boost Your Inbound Marketing with Evergreen Content

Reuse, reduce, recycle doesn't just apply to trash, aluminum cans, and plastic water bottles any more. You can recycle and repurpose your inbound or influencer marketing content to increase its value to your overall campaign. Think of it like a neighborhood recycling program... You're preventing waste and reducing expenses, while putting resources back into the community -- or, in this case, your companies or businesses.

So, how do you do this? Here are 6 ways to get started:

1. Repost On Social Media

Your influencers likely share content related to your brand on social media, but it doesn't have to stop there. Just as you would throw your soda can into a recycling bin at work, you can repost content from promoted posts that your influencers have already shared with your audience.

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In addition to supplying you with free content, reposting influencer content also ensures that your message reaches the broadest audience possible. Influencer campaigns often cost money, so make sure you get as much ROI as possible out of each piece of content.

2. Use Content For Ads

Many people recycle for free, but others expect to earn money for it. Scrap metal yards, for example, will pay for aluminum cans and other metals, and auto salvage yards will pay for junk cars parts. You can use this same philosophy to give your digital ads more life. You might post a photograph of an influencer wearing a piece of clothing, for example, to promote an apparel brand. Along with a good pitch, this type of advertisement can easily move inventory.

Additionally, target your advertisements to an audience that will recognize your influencer and, therefore, relate to the promotion. If potential customers don't know the influencer, they probably won't feel swayed by their opinions.

3. Boost Your Email Campaign

Influence more people with repurposed influencer content.

If you don't use plastic products, you probably don't recycle them, either. Similarly, some of your target audience might subscribe to your email newsletter list but never access social media. Your influencer campaign might generate more ROI if you repurpose that content for email blasts.

For instance, you could use the content for testimonials. Evoke your readers' emotions by sharing the influencer's story and explaining what your product or service has done to improve their life. You could also use it as a Call-to-action. Get people to click on the link at the end of your email by sharing what your influencer has said.

4. Testimonials

Speaking of testimonials, every business should have testimonials on its website, and influencer testimonials often carry more weight than those written or submitted by average consumers. Make sure you include your influencers' most glowing praise on your website with a link to the influencer's original post and/or photos.

5. Guest Blogs

The best thing about recycling is that it often inspires others to do the same. Your influencer campaign generates lots of content, but it reaches a specific audience. Why not expand that audience by including the content in a guest post for an industry-related blog?

You may get brand visibility and a link back to your website.

6. Events

Industry networking events offer another opportunity to recycle -- and not just the bags of swag you pick up from other booths. Consider prominently displaying a poster that includes a relevant influencer-generated post.

Alternatively, play a video that your influencer created or add an influencer's quote to the marketing collateral you hand out.

Get creative with your influencer campaigns. Just as recycling benefits the environment, repurposing influencer content helps get your message to more people and, when done correctly, boosts sales.

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6 Ways to Boost Your Inbound Marketing with Evergreen Content