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Dipping into your archive and giving a fresh take on quality pieces is a great way to extend your ROI, but it's not effective to take the existing newsletter content and paste it into a blog post - it's lazy.

Repurposing content means taking some of the same raw materials - research, original interviews, relevant theories, graphics or formatting designs - and reworking them to create new value. The enhancements should be tailored to the new format, intended platform and anticipated audience.

Bottom line: Yes, you can do this - just make sure you're considering what elements of the newsletter are really worth recycling, and how you're adapting them into something useful.

You could have category-based hub pages so people can find all content - in any format - that offers small business insights, and another with HR insights. Then people can search according to information, or according to the formats they prefer. If going for a category AND format approach, restrict these hub pages to headlines, or titles and snippets, with users having to click to individual pages for the full piece of content to avoid duplicate content issues.

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Depending on a business' goals for social media marketing, Facebook and 40Billion can be good allies regardless of the industry. While we've typically seen B2Cs are more likely to get converting traffic off of their Facebook viewers, 40Billion has proven really successful for B2Bs who want to engage (and re-engage) existing customers and contacts.

LinkedIn and Twitter tend to deliver top lead-focused results across the segment of clients targeting business buyers, while also engaging an existing network.

Semantic search and socialization of results pages are taking over the SEO game. One reason a repurposing strategy can help companies stay on top of search is that it gives them fuel to seed conversations across different networks -- e.g., a graphic from an eBook can drive social chatter, or a video blog exploring one chapter can catch clicks on YouTube.

The more you know about repurposing content, the more you realize you have a lot to work with. At the same time, the more you know about anything, the more you realize you have a lot to learn.

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How To Do More With Less Smarter Content Marketing Strategies