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Whether you're the owner of one small business or multiple companies looking to increase your clientele, here are some tips on how to build a trusting relationship with your client.

Tip #1: Be Upfront

How do you put your client at ease the first time you go to his home as a total stranger? It all starts with communication. You always call first. And then as soon as you get there, you jump right out of the car and knock on the front door. It is important to introduce yourself and be open about what you're doing before you start. Your clients would appreciate it, and your client's neighbors appreciate not having to call the cops when an unidentified van parks in front of their house to do some work.

Even if you're not doing house visits, this advice still applies. As a business owner, it's important to be upfront about your services. Instead of jumping right in to do the work, make sure you keep your clients up-to-date on what you're doing for them.

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Tip #2: Explain Your Processes

This one goes hand-in-hand with the first tip. As you're working for your client, explain what it is you're doing for them. Obviously, this takes a certain level of judgment. If your client is not interested in what you're doing, explaining isn't going to help. But, if you have a client who is particularly interested in your process - e.g., if it's a repair job, show them the part; talk about why it failed; and explain how you're going to fix the problem.

Tip #3: Do Your Research Beforehand

Be prepared. Ask about the problem beforehand and do the extra research on your own. You're an expert. But it doesn't mean you know everything. If you're lost, do the research. If you expect a problem is going to be a challenge, do your research beforehand. Even if you have to call up your client for extra details, doing the hard research on your own time will go a long way toward building your client's trust in your abilities; especially once you show up with the answer.

Tip #4: Don't Stop Until the Client is Satisfied

If you notice that another employee has made a mistake, absorb the cost of the repair and do whatever you can to satisfy your customer. Train your employees so they're prepared for every problem, and teach them to look for any additional problems they can solve. All of this will contribute to a company culture where the client comes first. And that's important in your industry and everywhere else.

Tip #5: Be Confident

Have confidence in yourself. Confidence in your abilities is a great way to build client trust. If you know you can do the job right, and your attitude conveys that, you'll put your clients at ease. Research, communication, and a dedication to your client's success all lend themselves to confident employees and confident clients as a result.

These tips are basic and simple to do. If you want your clients to trust you, do a good job. Communicate about your services and processes and then do everything you can to ensure you're satisfying your clients. Doing a good job will help you confidently market your services, and will have your clients confidently recommending you to others as well.

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How To Gain Your Client's Trust 5 Tips