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Lead Generation: 19 Tips For Better Results

Lead Generation: 19 Tips For Better Results

Need more leads? Of course, you do!

A well-optimized landing page is one of the most effective methods of generating authentic leads for your business. It drives traffic to your website, develops familiarity with your visitors and can gain you warm leads.

But what marketing campaigns increase traffic to your page and drive conversions? What value exchange does your business need to increase leads?

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Here are 19 other great tips to generate more leads with your own landing pages:

1. eBooks - If you're like most businesses these days, you blog. If you blog well, you'll have a series of related articles with comprehensive how-to tips or stories. Take five to ten of these themed articles and turn them into a resourceful eBook.

2. Webinars - Host a webinar related to your industry. Get people to sign up through your website to get leads. Webinars warm your leads, as you're speaking directly to future and returning prospects.

3. Live workshops - Similarly to a webinar, host a live workshop to educate your demographic about an industry related tip. Make it engaging, with questions that you ask your viewers. You could even make a test at the end - that participants pass or fail!

4. Pre-recorded webinar series -Record your live webinars to reuse your valuable content - and generate more leads. Use five or more webinars to create a series on your website. Email-gate it with a teaser landing page to invoke leads.

5. Podcasts - Make podcasts by reading out your blog content, for example. Make a themed series to create a valuable source of information. Podcasts are great marketing tools as your customer can listen to them at work, home or on mobile.

6. Whitepapers - Hey, when you're marketing to business, speak the language of business. Whitepapers are brilliant for B2B's. Condense an eBook topic into high level tips. Create a two to three-page paper that's easy to scan and packed with information. Generate leads for your sales team.

7. Industry report - If you're a B2B, compile statistics, charts and data related to your industry. Condense your findings into the most relevant points. Design your report into an easy to scan format.

8. Free demo of service or product - Give a free demonstration of how your product or services works. Get people to sign up through an email-gated landing page on your site.

9. Free consultation - Offer a free personalized consultation of your services, in exchange for an email.

10. Event registration - If you're hosting an event, whether online or offline, make a registration page to generate leads. Your page could direct attendees to another site like eventbrite or cvent.

11. Pre-launch ordering - When you're introducing a new product - give your most valued customers the special treatment to get it first. Set up a pre-launch page to start marketing your product and get leads.

12. Newsletter sign up - An oldy but a goody, generate emails leads with a newsletter sign up. Then send out relevant, interesting engaging content on a regular basis.

13. Free trial - Offer a free 14- or 30- day trial to generate interest in your product with a risk-free trial. Let your prospects 'kick the tires' so to speak. Once someone's signed up for your offer, keep in touch with email.

14. How-to guides - Somewhat like the free ebook, make how-to guides for your business related services. How-to guides focus on specific practical tips to generate interest.

15. Product catalogue - Make it easy for potential customers to download a catalogue in exchange for an email.

16. Discounts and Coupons - Host a coupon directly on your website. Coupons are great lead generators as they attract people who are interested in your particular deals - and they can you an immediate sale.

17. Loyalty programs - Create loyalty program campaigns, such as a "refer a friend" promotion. Give progressively better discounts and exclusive offers to customers bringing in the most referrals.

18. Free gift - Give an actual physical gift for free. Offer a free, branded t-shirt, or a sample of your product. Mail it out to your potential customers in exchange for their email and contact information. There's nothing quite like giving something of tangible value to deepen your customer ties.

19. Sweepstakes - Host a sweepstake. Make it easy to enter by email-gating it. Give away a prize with the perceived value to motivate your niche to enter.

Use smart marketing strategies to generate more qualified leads for your business. It doesn't have to be hard. Give your consumers what they want to get authentic leads - and increase sales.

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Lead Generation: 19 Tips For Better Results