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How to solve one marketing puzzle

How to solve one marketing puzzle

Take a look at all of the marketing you've done over the last several months. Chances are, most - if not all - was effectively limited to product or service promotion. While offers and advertisements are important, promotions are really at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to building a strong brand.
Products and services rarely differentiate a business.

Unless you're the only provider of the goods and services your business provide, products and services don't give people a reason to choose to do business with you; not really. In fact (if we're being totally honest) for many businesses, even the customer experience provided is roughly equivalent to the same type and quality provided by competitors.

The One Thing Your Marketing Must Do

Shouldn't a significant portion of your marketing be focused on what actually differentiates your business from competitors?
The reason people should choose to do business with you, choose to continue to do business with you, and choose to recommend your business to their friends, co-workers, and loved ones has little to do with your products or services; it has everything to do with you.

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The one thing your marketing must do is tell a story that creates a connection.

This story isn't going to be found in sale prices, product benefits or service results; it's going to be found in - and should be told by - communicating:

examples of why you love your company

reasons why you started your company

factors that led you to the industry

passion you have for the solutions your business provides

history of your business

war stories

success stories

people who make up your organizational culture

values that drive your decisions

vision you have for what your business will look like when it's "all grown up"

The Puzzle Your Marketing Should Be Able to Solve

Have you ever participated in a group ice-breaker activity where everyone was given a piece of a puzzle which had to be put together as an exercise? Each participant adds a piece of the puzzle until a whole is revealed.

If your customers - or even your employees - were asked to assemble the puzzle of your business (it's history, mission, vision, values and value propositions - or differentiators) could they do it? This is the one puzzle that your marketing must solve!

Your marketing must go beyond offers, sales and discounts.
Infuse your marketing with pieces of your organization's puzzle, and you will strengthen the internal culture as well as your brand identity.

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How to solve one marketing puzzle