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The footwear industry has traditionally been a hot example of memorable advertising, with brands such as Nike and Reebok spending millions to sign athletic endorsers and hire ad agencies that create spectacular TV campaigns. Because viewers actively choose online videos, they watch them more attentively than they watch TV ads.

Lower cost isn't the only reason to consider online video. Because of channel surfing, DVRs, and the growing use of "second screens" (such as smartphones and tablets), fewer people watch TV commercials than in the past.

People watch more online videos each year, and savvy companies are taking advantage of that fact. Those with tiny budgets can create and distribute videos themselves at low cost; others can spend more to crowdsource content or hire expert distributors. Companies can also mix and match strategies-for example, crowdsourcing content but distributing it themselves. Instead of simply posting a video online and hoping people find it, companies hire inbound marketing firms, which use low-cost strategies to drive traffic...

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Maximize Profit From Lean Advertising