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Social media plays a very vital role in the online presence of a business or the brand, and more and more consumers are turning to these outlets to connect with brands they like. Social media is the best way to actively engage with your customers, both active and potential, and if done cautiously and correctly, can be of great advantage to your business by targeting a specific audience for your brand. So, it is safe to say that using social media as part of your business marketing plan has become essential in an ever increasing digital world.

A tweet on Twitter; a status update on your Facebook page; a post on a blog; a picture of your product on Pinterest or Instagram; is it that simple? Actually NO. It is much more than that. In order to derive the most benefits out of your social media marketing plan, you need to dedicate a large amount of time and resources for this activity. Social media requires you to be actively engaged in the community in order to keep yourself visible and always in touch with your audience. Well, let's analyze how social media marketing works for the benefit of your business.

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Like traditional advertising, social media marketing only works if it's engaging and relevant to your target audience. Specifically dedicating your social media posts or tweets to selling a product or service doesn't create a long term relationship with your audience. Because people don't come to you just for seeing the products and services you are offering. You need to understand that people come on social media to keep themselves connected with the people and things they love. So, you cannot publish the same content and pictures on all your social media channels; every channel you use has a different purpose, so it is really very important to vary the message from platform to platform, much like you would with radio, television, or print.

An effective social media marketing campaign requires the time, knowledge, and consistency - for which you need to have an eye for what your audience wants and the expertise to serve them what they want from you. In order for your social media marketing campaigns to be effective, an overall knowledge of how customers interact with your brand on a certain social platform is required. Chances are, neither you nor anyone else in your business has an extensive knowledge of social media networks, and even if you do, you are too tied up in other responsibilities to effectively utilize your skills. Social media requires a specific skill set.

And speaking of social media marketing, don't forget online automated marketing sites. You can visit 40Billion which is a fast-growing network of entrepreneurs. They specialize in promotion of small businesses and crowdfunders by broadcasting and promoting to its large network of several million users across the most popular social networking sites for small businesses - including Twitter, LinkedIn, 40Billion, and even Facebook. Innovative services such as promoted posts and promoted company listings were created for entrepreneurs to tap into a growing, active network online without spending thousands.

In these cases, outsourcing social media marketing may be the best option. A good social media marketing agency can dedicate the necessary time and resources required to constantly serve your customers and keep you always in the social stream in order to maintain your social presence. They do charge a monthly or yearly fee for the service. But if you don't have enough money, you can look for a dedicated and experienced social media marketer, who can work for you on freelance basis and would charge you comparatively less than the agency, while delivering similar or better results.

So, good luck, and make the best use of social media to grow your business - whether in-house or outsourced.

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Can Social Media Marketing Be Outsourced?