Startup Guides > Empower your freight forwarding services beyond customers' expectations with Logitude's full-lifecycle freight forwarding software, which is designed and developed for freight forwarders, consolidators, import/export managers who track shipping activities, or NVOCCs in need of a modern freight forwarding solution that employs the newest technology. Logitude's cloud solution is user-friendly, rich in functionality, and could be used in your daily operations, including communicating with customers, partners, agents, and carriers. Logitude's main objective is to help you increase your revenue and reduce overhead by revolutionizing traditional freight forwarding processes.
Logitude's highly flexible freight shipping solution includes CRM, tariffs, shipment management, quotes, accounting, shared logistics, warehouse management, and reports. And it is integrated with the INTTRA and eAWB platforms, allowing you to handle all operations on one sophisticated platform that could be customized to your business needs.
Logitude software was developed based on the fact that freight forwarders need to make the right decisions at the right time to maximize their supply chain operations. All are done on a single platform, from quotes to shipments, customs to warehouse operations, tracking, and accounting. Logitude is the leading solution to optimize your freight forwarding operations.
Logitude's forward-thinking SaaS platform plays the role of a logistics management solution as it features shared logistics (Track & Trace), mobile access to customers, and access to CRM. Logitude's advanced invoice and collections tools make shipping, land, and air freight invoice processing simple and effective, offering flexibility and efficiency. Using Logitude's innovative logistics software will result in productive logistics management and better customer service.
Furthermore, Logitude's solution acts as shipping tracking software with its international shipping track software and trace features, which enhance your day-to-day operations and ensure that you are always fully aware of an air cargo or shipment's progress, providing peace of mind for both your company and your customers. You have the chance today to increase your revenue and reduce the overhead expenses of your freight forwarding management process simply by using Logitude World.

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Empower your freight forwarding services beyond customers' expectations ...