The Choice: Google+ Vs. Facebook

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Google+ (defunct) was a nice social network that was quite different from Facebook in many ways but it was all the rage when it came out and people were waiting for e-mail invites to join the network. The initial buzz has been over for quite a while, and now it is time to really see if Google+ could have overtaken Facebook at some point to become a more popular and larger social network.

Are the Numbers Important?

It was thought that at some point in the future the numbers would take Google+ over Facebook, but that never happened. There were a lot of people who used both Google+ and Facebook but did not essentially keep up with their accounts and post on a regular basis.

Facebook has been the hub for people finding their old school and college friends, while Google+ appeared to be the site where people joined the friends that they already knew and probably were in touch with on a regular basis. This paradigm is something to take count of when looking at the number of users; however, that really doesn't mean much in the scenario if people are not keeping up with their accounts on regular basis...

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The Choice: Google+ Vs. Facebook