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6 Ways To Promote Your Auto Parts Store Online

Auto parts is one of the fastest growing ecommerce sectors.

Clearly, there's demand for aftermarket car parts and accessories. But how can an auto parts store increase their sales to reach more customers who want what they've got?

Here's 6 steps to increase your online auto store revenue.

1. Optimized Landing Pages
For an ecommerce site, having an optimized landing page for your products increases your sales. The easier you make it for a customer to buy from you, the more likely they will click your "add to shopping cart" button, and follow through to your "thank you for purchasing" page.

For an online auto parts store, a good product landing page should:

Show an image of the part
Include a headline with the part name
Give a description
Include the auto part number
Give the auto part price
Have a clear, easy to see CTA (such as "Add to Cart")
Have directional cues towards the CTA
Be free of friction (by reducing the number of CTAs and other distractions on the page)..

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6 Ways To Promote Your Auto Parts Store Online